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Bespoke Container Conversions

Bespoke shipping container conversions have grown hugely in popularity due to their versatility, strength, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Storage containers can be modified to your specification. From simple changes to provide additional security, through to bespoke conversions for office, retail or living spaces.

Our in-house teams can help you benefit from adapting a new or repurposed shipping container, for a wide range of uses. Common adaptations include partitions, external and internal doors, shuttered windows, electrical and plumbing works are all possible.

We can paint containers in any RAL colour of your choice, including your own corporate colours. Customise your container with your own company logo and graphics.

Whether you're envisioning a modern office, pop-up shop or a unique living space, container conversions provide an eco-friendly and robust solution. Their inherent portability and scalability make them a flexible choice for evolving needs and their unique aesthetics add a touch of modern appeal. 

Dive deeper into the world of shipping container conversions and explore how they can provide sustainable, efficient and attractive alternatives to traditional construction methods.

Why use shipping containers for business, office or living space?

Versatility: Shipping containers can be transformed into a variety of structures, including homes, offices, pop-up shops, cafes, gyms, art studios, classrooms and more. 

Durability and Strength: Made from high-quality steel, shipping containers are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, making them an incredibly robust and secure.

Cost-Effective: Converting a shipping container can be much cheaper than traditional construction methods. By repurposing used containers, this can be even more cost-effective.

Sustainability: Converting a shipping container is a form of recycling, hugely important in today’s world of circular economy. This will significantly reduce the environmental impact compared to traditional building methods.

Speed and Convenience: The basic structure of a shipping container can save time and labour costs associated with traditional building methods, as they are already watertight and self-supporting.

Portability: Shipping containers are designed to be transported. This means your converted container can be transported to different locations if required.

Scalability: If you need more space, you can add more containers. Their uniform size makes them easy to stack securely and arrange, offering scalable solutions for growing needs.

Unique Aesthetics: The industrial, minimalist look of shipping containers can provide a unique and modern aesthetic appeal. These can be customised to your preference including a range of finishes, such as painted, vinyl, wood cladding for a cabin-style finish.

We can arrange delivery of your bespoke container, to all UK wide locations, by lorry mounted crane (HIAB) if required.

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