Century Container Services operate at all levels in the container market. We buy and sell containers, hire them, store them, repair and convert them and even pack them!


Century Container Services are a supplier of all types and sizes of containers. We offer containers for sale and containers for hire as well as offering containers for rental. We can also arrange container delivery and off loading anywhere in the UK.

Century Container Services also buy used containers, in single or large numbers no matter what the condition.

We operate our own container repair, conversion and cleaning service. All work undertaken is bespoke and to the highest standards.

Container Sales

Standard, modified or static containers for sale. We supply any size, any type, anywhere.

We Buy...

We will buy standard, bespoke or damaged containers. We pay the best prices.

Container Hire

Customers can rent containers from us to deliver to customers or use them for their own on-site storage needs

Repairs & Storage

We repair, refurbish, modify and clean your containers or can supply them built to your specification. Customers can also use our depot to store their own containers.


We offer a full warehousing service at our secure and safe storage depot using our own warehouse, as well as storage in ours or your own containers


We can use our on-site storage facilities to store caravans and also pack them in containers for export. We can also arrange all transport in and out including groupage.


We can organise transport and delivery across the UK and for export overseas, for full or empty containers.